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Emily , Editor | Mar 26, 2014
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James Strong, of Hoover, Alabama, is just like any other kid. He is full of determination, dedicated to multiple sports, but most of all, has a ton of heart and passion.

Before James was born, doctors diagnosed him with having Hydrocephalus and Dandy Walker, both of which affect brain development. At four days old, doctors told James' mother that his chance of survival past the age of three was slim. When he did turn three, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

In 2010, James was diagnosed with Chairi, which affects the brain. In 2011, he started to lose his ability to walk due to a tumor behind his spinal cord. Surgery was the only route to take, after which James was able to walk again, but only for a short time as an MRI in 2012 showed the tumor was back and had doubled in size.

In 2013, a syrinx (fluid-filled cavity in the spinal cord) and an additional surgery, had now confined James to a wheelchair.

James' mother is quoted, "It seems as if every battle we defeat, another more difficult one comes about."

This is where the public is able to step in to help James and his mother.

During Mobility Awareness Month, NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association) is providing one person who is deemed "most deserving" with a custom wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Playing wheelchair basketball, Miracle League baseball and tennis keeps James and his mother very active and on the move. They currently have an Altima, but struggle getting James in and out of the wheelchair and into the vehicle and also with getting the wheelchair itself in and out of the vehicle, not forgetting the equipment it takes to play these sports as well.

As a previous Special Spectator from Alabama, James is a part of the always growing family we consider all of the Special Spectators. With that being said, we encourage you to please take the time to VOTE for James Strong from Hoover, Alabama!


^^ Visit this website to see the rest of James' story and to vote.

A final quote from James' mother: "He encourages me and tells me when he makes it big with sports, he'll buy me something that we can get him around in easier. He inspires so many people with his strength, everyone calls him the Strong 1! My hero is 12, he's my angel on earth and I'm honored to call the Strong 1 my son!"

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